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Zodiac PFP Possess multiple types of interactions: dispersive, dipole-dipole, pi-pi, charge-transfer. Unique selectivity, extra retention for Halogenated Species.

Zodiac PFP is a pentafluorophenyl phase with a propyl spacer, this bonded phase provides reversed-phase separations that are distinctly different from C18 silica surface for a unique aromatic selectivity due to highly electronegative fluorine atoms on the periphery of the phenyl ring ligand.

Technical Details   

Silica type : Spherical
Silica Purity : 99.999 %
Carbon Load : 12 %
Surface Area : 440 m2/gram
Pore Size : 190 A
PH Range : 2.0-8.0
Particle size : 3um, 3.5um, 5um and 10um

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