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Zodiac Carb 87C Column

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The column is made of spherical, porous, Polystyrene Divinyl benzene copolymer of 8.0% cross-linkage,


  1. Columns are packed with chemically very stable polymeric phases of PS /DVB.
  1. The varied percentage cross-linkage of copolymers and varied particle sizes gives choice of selecting required column.
  1. High temperature stability is exhibited by the columns (up to 95°C).
  2. Excellent performance and consistency is guaranteed from column to column and batch to batch.
  1. Choice of eluents can be used depending on the column and compound requirement, the simplest eluent being is Water.
  1. Any required combination of cross-linkage, particle size, metal ligands or other column specifications can be provided on request.

Material type      : Polymer (PS/DVB)
Material Purity   : 99.999%
Cross Linkage     : 8%
Ionic Form          : Calcium
Particle Size       : 9 µm
Key Samples      : Industry standard for analysis of general sweeteners.

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LC Columns

Part numberPhaseParticle size (µm)Length (mm)ID (mm)
ZLS.Carb.78.300.09.80CaZodiac Carb 87C9um300mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um250mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um100mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um30mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb.100.300.09.80CaZodiac Carb 87C9um300mm10mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um250mm10mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um100mm10mm
ZLS.Carb.200.300.09.80CaZodiac Carb 87C9um300mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um250mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um100mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C9um50mm20mm
ZLS.Carb.78.300.08.80CaZodiac Carb 87C8um300mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um250mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um100mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um30mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb.100.300.08.80CaZodiac Carb 87C8um300mm10mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um250mm10mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um100mm10mm
ZLS.Carb.200.300.08.80CaZodiac Carb 87C8um300mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um250mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um100mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C8um50mm20mm
ZLS.Carb.78.300.05.80CaZodiac Carb 87C5um300mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um250mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um100mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um30mm7.8mm
ZLS.Carb.100.300.05.80CaZodiac Carb 87C5um300mm10mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um250mm10mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um100mm10mm
ZLS.Carb.200.300.05.80CaZodiac Carb 87C5um300mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um250mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um100mm20mm
ZLS.Carb. Carb 87C5um50mm20mm

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