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Primesep A is a reverse-phase analytical column with embedded strong acidic ion-pairing groups.

  • Improves retention of weak basic compounds by cation-exchange mechanism.
  • Separates acids by ion-exclusion mechanism.
  • Retains neutral compounds by reverse-phase mechanism.
  • All mobile phases are LC-MS and preparative chromatography compatible.
Primesep A columns are available in all standard dimensions

Column IDs : 22 mm, 10 mm, 4.6 mm, 3.2 mm, 2.1 mm, 1 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.25 mm
Column Lengths : 250 mm, 150 mm, 100 mm, 50 mm, 25 mm, 10 mm
Particles : 10 um, 5 um
Pores : 100 A

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Analytical Columns

Part numberPhaseparticle size (µm)length (mm)ID (mm)
A-03.100.0510Primesep A51000.25
A-03.150.0510Primesep A51500.25
A-03.250.0510Primesep A52500.25
A-05.100.0510Primesep A51000.5
A-05.150.0510Primesep A51500.5
A-05.250.0510Primesep A52500.5
A-100.100.1010Primesep A1010010
A-100.100.0510Primesep A510010
A-100.150.1010Primesep A1015010
A-100.150.0510Primesep A515010
A-100.250.1010Primesep A1025010
A-100.250.0510Primesep A525010
A-100.025.1010Primesep A102510
A-100.025.0510Primesep A52510
A-100.050.1010Primesep A105010
A-100.050.0510Primesep A55010
A-10.100.0510Primesep A51001
A-10.010.0510Primesep A5101
A-10.150.0510Primesep A51501
A-10.250.0510Primesep A52501
A-10.025.0510Primesep A5251
A-10.050.0510Primesep A5501
A-21.100.0510Primesep A51002.1
A-21.010.0510Primesep A5102.1
A-21.150.0510Primesep A51502.1
A-21.250.0510Primesep A52502.1
A-21.025.0510Primesep A5252.1
A-21.050.0510Primesep A5502.1
A-220.100.1010Primesep A1010022
A-220.100.0510Primesep A510022
A-220.150.1010Primesep A1015022
A-220.150.0510Primesep A515022
A-220.250.1010Primesep A1025022
A-220.250.0510Primesep A525022
A-220.050.1010Primesep A105022
A-220.050.0510Primesep A55022
A-32.100.1010Primesep A101003.2
A-32.100.0510Primesep A51003.2
A-32.010.0510Primesep A5103.2
A-32.150.1010Primesep A101503.2
A-32.150.0510Primesep A51503.2
A-32.250.1010Primesep A102503.2
A-32.250.0510Primesep A52503.2
A-32.025.1010Primesep A10253.2
A-32.025.0510Primesep A5253.2
A-32.050.1010Primesep A10503.2
A-32.050.0510Primesep A5503.2
A-46.100.1010Primesep A101004.6
A-46.100.0510Primesep A51004.6
A-46.010.0510Primesep A5104.6
A-46.150.1010Primesep A101504.6
A-46.150.0510Primesep A51504.6
A-46.250.1010Primesep A102504.6
A-46.250.0510Primesep A52504.6
A-46.050.1010Primesep A10504.6
A-46.050.0510Primesep A5504.6

Guard Columns

Part numberPhaseparticle size (µm)length (mm)ID (mm)
A-10.G.0510Primesep A5101
A-21.G.0510Primesep A5102.1
A-32.G.0510Primesep A5103.2
A-46.G.0510Primesep A5104.6
A-10.G.0510Primesep A5101
A-21.G.0510Primesep A5102.1
A-32.G.0510Primesep A5103.2
A-46.G.0510Primesep A5104.6

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