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Velox PES (Polyethersulfone)Syringe filters.

Velox PES filters are made of Polyethersulfone (Membrane material) and Polypropylene (Housing material). Velox PES syringe filters are recommended for Ion chromatography, ideal for tissue culture work, Pre-filtration and filtration of buffers. These filters offer high flow rates with low binding to proteins and nucleic acids. PES is resistant to wide range of solvents.

These filters can be used for high temperature samples. Faster flow rates than PVDF. These filters can withstand at maximum pressures as 87 psi and maximum operating temperature of 90oC.


High filtration speed.

Lowest protein binding.

Low extractables.

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PES Syringe Filters

S.No.Part NumberDescriptionFilter Size (mm)QTY
1VPES2502Velox PES 25mm,0.2µm,Sterile25Pack/100

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