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Membranes Filters

Membranes are the microporous films with specific pore sizes. The particles and microorganisms that exceed their pore size will be captured on the surface of the membrane. Membrane filters are made by processes that result in a regular porous matrix. The Membrane Filter Technique offers the advantage of isolating discrete colonies of bacteria

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PVDF Membrane Filters

S.No.Part NumberDescriptionFilter Size (mm)QTY
1VMPV4502Velox PVDF Membrane Filter,PVDF45mm,0.2µm45Pack/100
2VMPV4545Velox PVDF Membrane Filter,PVDF45mm,0.45µm45Pack/100
3VMPV3345Velox PVDF Membrane Filter,PVDF33mm,0.45µm33Pack/100
4VMPV2545Velox PVDF Membrane Filter,PVDF25mm,0.45µm25Pack/100
5VMPV2502Velox PVDF Membrane Filter,PVDF25mm,0.2µm25Pack/100

Nylon Membrane Fiters

S.No.Part NumberDescriptionFilter Size (mm)QTY
1VMN4502Velox Nylon Membrane Filter,Nylon45mm,0.2µm45Pack/100
2VMN4545Velox Nylon Membrane Filter,Nylon45mm,0.45µm45Pack/100
3VMN3345Velox Nylon Membrane Filter,Nylon33mm,0.45µm33Pack/100
4VMN2545Velox Nylon Membrane Filter,Nylon25mm,0.45µm25Pack/100
5VMN2502Velox Nylon Membrane Filter,Nylon25mm,0.2µm25Pack/100

PTFE Membrane Filters

S.No.Part NumberDescriptionFilter Size (mm)QTY
1VMPT4502Velox PTFE Membrane Filter,PTFE45mm,0.2µm45Pack/100
2VMPT4545Velox PTFE Membrane Filter,PTFE45mm,0.45µm45Pack/100
3VMPT3345Velox PTFE Membrane Filter,PTFE33mm,0.45µm33Pack/100
4VMPT2545Velox PTFE Membrane Filter,PTFE25mm,0.45µm25Pack/100
5VMPT2502Velox PTFE Membrane Filter,PTFE25mm,0.2µm25Pack/100

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