Resolution between Domperidone and Droperidol

Home Resolution between Domperidone and Droperidol

Column : C18 100mm*4.6mm, 3µm
Flow Rate: 1.5ml/min
Wave Length : 280nm
Temperature: 25°C
Runtime : 20 minutes

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Preparation of Mobile Phase :

1.) Mobile Phase : A
     Dissolve 5.0g of Ammonium Acetate in 1000ml of HPLC Grade Water

2.) Mobile Phase : B
      Methanol HPLC Grade

3.) Gradient Program :

Time (min) Mobile Phase-A(%V/V) Mobile Phase- B(%V/V)
0-10 70 30
10-15 0 100
15-15.01 70 30
15.01-20 70 30

4.) Diluent :
N,N Dimethylformamide
Domperidone Reference Solution (a) : (0.10 and 0.15 mg/ml) Weight accurately about 10mg of Domperidone  CRS and 15mg of  Droperidol CRS into a 100ml Volumetric flask dissolve and dilute to volume with Diluent and mix Inject 10µl of Domperidone Reference Solution (a) in duplicate and calculate Resolution between Domperidone and Droperidol.

Acceptance Criteria:

Resolution between Domperidone and Dropridol should not be less than 2.0

Column Name : Zodiac C18 Column

Compound Name : Droperidol, Domperidone

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