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ZodiacSIL 120 C18- Ace Eps Column

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ZodaicSIL C18 ace-EPS belongs to a new group of RP-materials with polar embedded groups. ZodaicSIL C18 ace-EPS is very stable over a wide pH range (pH 1-10). In addition, it offers a maximum of hydrophobicity combined with a maximum of polar selectivity. The silanophilic activity of the support is very low. Ultra strong basic compounds like amitriptyline can be eluted in neutral mobile phases (pH 7) with excellent symmetrical peak shapes. The main application area for these packings is in the pharmaceutical industry where the analytes often have basic or acidic groups. For the separation of acidic and basic compounds ZodaicSIL C18 ace-EPS shows enhanced polar selectivity. The C18 aceEPS – bonding type is available in several particle and pore sizes.

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