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ZodiacSil 120-5-Silica Column

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The ZodiacSIL is the silica support of the Alliance for Chromatography. Due to the fact that it is manufactured under very stringent conditions the resulting silica has a purity of 99.999%. The optimum manufacturing process guarantees an excellent batch to batch reproducibility. The silica is available in several particle and pore sizes. Thereforetr a wide range of different applications, i.e. in SEC (Size Exclusion Chromatography) but also for the NP HPLC of large molecules is given.

Technical Details   

Silica type : Spherical
Silica Purity : 99.999%
Surface Area : 300m2/gram
Pore Size : 120A
PH Range : 2.0-7.0
Particle size : 3um, 3.5um, 5um and 10um

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Analytical Columns

Part NumberPhaseParticle sizeColumn lengthColumn id
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um250mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um150mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um100mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um50mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um250mm4.0mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um150mm4.0mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um100mm4.0mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si5um50mm4.0mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um250mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um150mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um100mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um50mm4.6mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um250mm4.0mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um150mm4.0mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um100mm4.0mm
ZLS.Si. 120 Si3um50mm4.0mm

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